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Developing Cancer Targeted Therapies Based on Novel Disease Models

Signet Therapeutics is developing new medicines to improve the lives of patients diagnosed with cancer, especially those cancers which are insensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Signet is focusing on developing new small molecule inhibitors and degraders (PROTAC) based on the novel unique disease models we have developed.

Signet is leveraging experts in AI-powered drug discovery and patient-orientated disease models to revolutionize traditional drug discovery

By strategically collaborating with           ,we bring together the expertise of AI-powered drug discovery platform to design and develop the compounds, and novel unique disease models to select and optimize the leads. By taking these advantages, we are revolutionizing the traditional drug discovery for small molecules.


Novel 3D Organoids Model


Diffuse Stomach Cancer Mouse Model
Diffuse Stomach Cancer Organoids Model
Stomach Orthotopic Injection Model
Real-Time In Vitro Drug Efficacy Model
In Vivo Anti-tumor Efficacy Model
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